When evaluating a potential Investment at Highgate, we look at the longer term opportunity to develop partnerships with our clients – many of which last through decades.
At Highgate we combine hands-on development experience, through our sister company Aspect Design to Finish, with expertise in design, feasibility & reporting to facilitate swift processing of planing applications. Our team assess each site individually and propose the optimum combination of units to maximise the return on investment for the site while also looking to the business and social needs of the location and its environs for inspiration. Developing locality that business and local communities need will ultimate result in fewer objections and higher take up when the units go to market. Consideration of local amenities and access is all part of the process to create living and working spaces that will enhance the locality.
Securing financial support for projects is one of our key skills, Our proven track record, industry contacts and meticulous reporting and presentation skills result in a 100% success rate.

The following is a sample of the feedback from clients who have trusted the team at Highgate to manage their projects or portfolios:

Fergal is my first point of call when I see a site that I might be interested in. I value his experience and market knowledge when evaluating the risk.

Tom Murphy, Murphy Engineering

The planning process can be a minefield but at Highgate they make it look easy. They instinctively know when there could be issues and preempt them by doing the research and presenting compelling proposals.

Angela Geraghty, ABC Developments